Preparing a Home for Sale

The real estate business is booming and houses are selling faster than they can be put on the market. Because of this competitive market, real estate professionals are aggressively marketing homes to sell fast. There are many things that you can do to your home to increase the appeal of your house over one that is selling down the block. Here are some things that a potential buyer likes to see when they go to look at a potential home; things that will make your home sell quicker.

Real Estate Professionals

Always have a real estate professional to help sell your home. They are experienced in selling homes and will be able to answer questions about your home such as total square footage, information about the neighborhood, schools, and any health inspection information that the home owner may not know. A real estate professional is also available to answer questions and help negotiate on behalf of the seller as well as the buyer so that everyone is happy in the end.


Once you have moved all your things out of the house, give the walls a patch job to cover any holes from pictures hanging and then a fresh coat of paint. If your walls were once a bright color or something that most people would not care for, than paint them a neutral color such as white, beige or an off white. This not only eliminates any bright colors that people cannot imagine their things going with but also gives them a blank slate to paint to their tastes.

Clean Floors

If you have pets or messy children, clean the carpets or polish the floors if they are hardwood. Give all potential buyers a nice clean floor to look at so they won't immediately assume the worst and be looking for other things that may be wrong with the house. This is the last thing that you want when a potential buyer comes to look at your home because they will be looking for other things to be wrong with the house.

Lawn Care

Although your yard doesn't have to be perfect with rolling green grass and a beautifully colored flower garden, you do want it to at least look decent. Make sure that the lawn is not over run with weeds and that the grass is trimmed to a decent length so that it looks kept up. The flowers do not have to be growing beautifully but you do not want them to look bug infested and over run with weeds and pests. This is a sign of bad up keeping. If the outside of the house doesn't look nice then a potential buyer will not have high expectations for the inside of the home either.


Staging your home almost always makes your home sell quicker. This is because potential buyers can envision their furniture in the space easier than they can in an empty space. Ask your real estate representative about staging for the best tips and advise on the best ways to go about staging to maximize your selling potential for the least amount of cost.